Ichabods Around Town and Where To Find Them

Justin Armbruster
Published on September 3, 2019

Ichabods Around Town and Where To Find Them

If you have made your way around Topeka, you have probably noticed the Ichabod statues displayed throughout the city. There are 14 of these statues that were installed in honor of Washburn’s 150th year in 2015. These fiberglass statues were decorated by local and regional artists positioned all around Topeka. Having all of these statues around the city, often begs the questions “What even is an Ichabod?” The staff and faculty at Washburn get asked this every year by incoming freshman and transfer students wanting to know the meaning behind the unique mascot. It’s a fair question and probably one most of Topeka doesn’t know the answer to.

What is an Ichabod?

“Washburn University and its Ichabods are both named for an early benefactor of the school – Ichabod Washburn. Washburn students began referring to themselves as Ichabods in the late 1800s and a mascot was given an image in 1938.”Washburn University Website

Where Can I Find These Statues?

Want to find or take a look at all of the different statues in Topeka? We did the hard work… now you enjoy the pictures or go see all 14 of them in person! The Washburn Alumni Association has put together the map below of the statues locations below.

1. “150 Years In Stride”

Artist: Margaret Ramberg | Topeka

Sponser: Bartlett & West

Location: NOTO Art Center, 935 N. Kansas Ave.

2. “Ichabod Comes To The Prairie”

Artist: Peggy Clark

Sponsor: Kaw Valley Bank

Location: Kaw Valley Bank 1110 N. Kansas Ave.

3. “Democracy In Education”

Artist: Patricia Kahn

Sponsor: Ramada Inn

Location: Ramada Inn, 420 SE 6th Ave

4. “A Good Day To You”

Artist: Larry Peters | Topeka

Sponsor: Westar Energy

Location: Westar Energy
818 S Kansas Ave.

5. “In The Black”

Artist: Patricia Kahn | Topeka

Sponsor: Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce

Location: Great Topeka Chamber of Commerce, 120 S.E. 6th Ave.

6. “Then and Now”

Photo Credit: WU Alumni Association

Artist: Peggy Clark and Martha Imparato

Sponsor: Topeka Capital-Journal

Location: Topeka Capital-Journal, 616 S.E. Jefferson St.

7. “Topeka BouleBod”

Artist: Barbara Waterman-Peters | Topeka

Sponsor: Capitol Federal Savings

Location: Capitol Federal Savings, 1201 Topeka Blvd.

8. “Prairie Horizons”

Artist: Barbara Waterman-Peters | Topeka

Sponsor: KU Health System St. Francis Campus

Location: KU Health System St. Francis Campus,
1700 SW 7th St.

9. “Tribute to Aaron Douglas”

Artist: Susan McCarthy | Lawrence

Sponsor: Federal Home Loan Bank

Location: Chandler Library Pavilion, SW Horne St. & SW Washburn Ave.

10. “Excellence – 150 Years and Going Strong”

Artist: Colton Anderson |Topeka                           

Sponsor: Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation

Location: 1729 SW MacVicar Ave.

11. “Washburn Tech”

Artist: Nancy Palbicke

Sponsor: Washburn University

Location: Washburn University Institute of Technology, 5724 SW Huntoon St.

12. “Gift of Education”

Artist: Patty Kahn

Sponsor: Washburn University

Location: Westridge Mall,
1801 SW Wanamaker Rd.

13. “Original Mr. Ichabod”

Artist: Larry Peters

Sponsor: MRH Insurance

Location: 3735 SW Wanamaker Rd

14. “You are Washburn”

Artist: Washburn Rural High School Art Department students and faculty

Sponsor: Auburn-Washburn Unified School District 437

Location: Shuler Education Center, 5928 S.W. 53rd St.

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