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Topeka High School

Home of the Trojans!

Welcome to the USD 501 Topeka High District, home of the Trojans! Are you thinking about moving into the district? There are lots of homes for sale in the Topeka High District! This page is full of things our team thinks you should know about Topeka High. Do you already have your heart set on being a Trojan? Scroll on down and start your search and see all the homes for sale in the Topeka High District. But if you still need convincing read on!

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Topeka High School2000 students (6A)

Middle Schools USD 501

Elementary Schools USD 501


*Check out the USD 501 High School Boundary Lines.

*Check out the USD 501 Middle School Boundary Lines.

*Check out the USD 501 Elementary School  Boundary Lines.

Homes For Sale in the Topeka High District

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Topeka High District Overview

“Topeka High School is a diverse and culturally rich, comprehensive high school with a long history of serving generations of Kansans. We are extremely proud of our academic offerings, including 17 Advanced Placement courses and 10 Honors courses. In addition, this will be the eleventh year of our successful Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. We are also excited about the Center for International Studies that provide our students with the essential 21st Century skill of Global Literacy. Students completing the minimum requirements of the program will receive a special International Studies diploma designation upon graduation. Finally, we offer a multitude of co-curricular and extracurricular activities to meet the talents and interests of our students.” – Topeka High Handbook

Choosing A Topeka Realtor

Does it really matter who I hire?

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, allow us to help you Make Real Estate Easy.  Our goal is to provide professional and personal service to help our clients accomplish their real estate goals.

When choosing a Topeka Realtor there are a number of important things you look for. Take some time and do your research because whomever you hire needs to be someone you can trust to do the job.  Look for social proof and check out reviews.

If you’re a home BUYER it’s crucial you use a Realtor who will act as a “Buyer’s Agent’ that represents you.  Ask your agent how they plan to inform you of new listings on a timely manner.  If you’re shopping with a spouse, make sure both of you agree on the agent. Home-buying can be a storm and you want a good captain you’ll both like and trust!

We represent buyers with the utmost professional and personal service.  We strive to gain the trust of our buyers by working hard and serving them with honesty and integrity.

If you’re a SELLER you should find out about the agent’s marketing program. In today’s real estate market, it’s extremely important for your agent to be current with technology, social media and online marketing.

We take pride in being current with the latest technology and social media. Through online marketing our goal is to get your home seen by more potential buyers than any other Realtor.

We currently market on most social media platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and even Pinterest. There are very few real estate professionals who can say that.  It is one thing to just have a Facebook Page, but it’s another thing entirely to know how to market with it. Facebook’s algorithms and program are complex and you need an expert who can maximize the exposure your home gets. We work hard to provide the best level of online exposure through social media and SEO (search engine optimized) results.

In additional to social media, exposure on popular real estate websites is very important.   Not only will your home be featured on and listed in the local online MLS, but it will be posted on all the top real estate websites.  As a bonus our online presentations are very effective due to our professionally-taken photographs and detailed property descriptions.

We strive to Make Real Estate Easy and we believe online marketing is a must for that to be achieved.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our client’s homes can be showcased everywhere online.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your home, let us help you Make Real Estate Easy.

We have been serving clients in and around Topeka, Kansas for over 40 years. Contact Us to discuss how we can best serve you!

 How To Choose Your Realtor?
Who you hire matters! Take a look at these 3 things before you decide who you choose to work with when buying or selling.

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