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Renting vs. Buying In Topeka

When can you buy a house in Topeka? For most young adults, buying a house seems like something off in... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Topeka School Districts

Moving To Topeka? What you need to know about Topeka schools We know that finding a place to call home... Read More

Greg Armbruster

A Beacon of Light Still Shines in the Darkness

TRM Ministries The Topeka Rescue Mission (TRM Ministries) has been a light in the Topeka community since the early 1950’s.... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Ichabods Around Town and Where To Find Them

If you have made your way around Topeka, you have probably noticed the Ichabod statues displayed throughout the city. There... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Guide To Helping You Make That Move To A Senior Living Community In Topeka

Should You Make A Move To A Senior Living Community? Making the move to a Senior Living Community involves some... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Moving to Topeka? 15 REASONS Why You Should

Moving to Topeka? A Complete Guide to Top City, KS Why on earth would anyone want to move to Topeka?... Read More

Greg Armbruster


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