Westboro Subdivision Homes For Sale

Westboro Subdivision Homes For Sale

Welcome to the Westboro Subdivision in Topeka KS! Are you thinking about moving into the neighborhood? This page is full of things our team thinks you should know about Westboro. Do you already have your heart set on moving into the neighborhood? Scroll on down and start your search and see if there are homes for sale in the neighborhood! If there currently aren’t any homes for sale in Westboro, contact us! We can set you up on a list to be notified as soon as one comes on the market!

Homes For Sale in the Westboro Subdivision

Westboro Overview

Westboro is a small district of Topeka, Kansas. Like every other district around the town, Westboro is home to many people and full of everyday facilities, making it a perfect place for people living there and visiting it. So, if you are new to this place, read on to discover everything about it. The place is vividly known to pay a good return on investment when it comes to real estate and has ample academic and health facilities. Ranging from marts and theatres and some of the most exciting entertainment hubs for both kids and adults, you can enjoy the following activities in the Westboro district.

Attractions In Westboro

Marts, Theatres, & Entertainment

Westboro Mart

If you’re living in the Westboro district, the Westboro mart is what you need to visit for sure. The place is nothing less than an old-fashioned shopping center. It is known to be Topeka’s oldest shopping hub, with some biggest yet the oldest names keeping the quaint vibe alive in the region. What makes this place a must-visit destination in Westboro is the artistic theme and shops with broad style perspective. Some famous store names include SoHo Interiors, Porterfield’s Florist, Pastense Antiques, The Beauchamp Gallery, and many more!

Mulvane Art Museum

Mulvane Art Museum is another famous destination in Westboro for both Topeka residents and visitors. It is a contemporary museum cherishing different forms of art ranging from Old master prints, contemporary American artists, pre-Columbian sculptures, and Japanese prints. The museum hosts more than 3,500 art pieces within the vicinity and is an educational platform for kids. The sole aim of this museum is to appreciate art as a vehicle for communicating human values and to value the diversity of human creativity.

Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy

Found in 1936, Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy is the oldest theatre in the country. It is a community dinner theatre with some of the most entertaining shows to make the most out of your time. It offers both dinner and non-dinner shows with a full-fledge bar facility that sets the entertainment game-high in Westboro. Apart from hosting shows to provide the audience with the best live theatre experience in Topeka, it also hosts theatre camps. These camps are projected to facilitate individuals with an outstanding artistic experience, exemplify their values, and guide them for creative grooming.

Gage Bowl

Last but not least, if you’re looking for some out-of-the-box fun for the whole family in Westboro, Gage Bowl can be your ultimate destination. A perfect day out with friends and family seems like a bowling hub with tons of arcade games and some laser maze fun for both kids and adults. The place has separate bowling areas for kids and adults, a wide selection of arcade games, and a laser maze for teenagers and adults. Here, you can also host birthday parties and other events. Moreover, there are special deals throughout the week, so if you’re on a budget, you can still make it to Gage Bowl without costing a fortune.


Coming down to the dine-in scene in Westboro, the district has a couple of good restaurants and bars that one would definitely love. If you are craving for the absolute American taste, you will find a couple of local eateries in Westboro, including Dutch Goose Sports Bar and Grill and Skinny’s Sports Bar and Grill, where you can simply end up licking your fingers.

In a Nutshell

Covering a small land portion in Topeka, Westboro is one of the famous districts with some cool activities for kids and adults. So, if you’re someone who lives there or planning a visit to it, make sure you experience the ones listed above.

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