Top 5 Parks And Playgrounds in Topeka

Justin Armbruster
Published on October 27, 2021

Top 5 Parks And Playgrounds in Topeka

When it comes to learn about the Top 5 Parks & Playgrounds in Topeka, the city brings immense waves of joy and laughter for kids of all ages. Parks and playgrounds are in general admired by children but as a parent, we also adore them for watching out the best play dates. After all, who don’t loves to watch his/her child playing in an enjoyable environment that offers utmost safety and security? By safety and security, it means the hygiene and safe playing opportunities for kids of all ages. So, no matter how old your kid is, if he is into slides, monkey bars/metal climbers, and merry-go round or just learning to explore on toddler steps, make sure you take them to following Top 5 Parks & Playgrounds in Topeka for utmost adventure.

Gage Park

Spreading to a total land surface of 160 acres, Gage Park is known to be the star destination for kids as well as adults craving for some fun in Topeka. Ranging from traditional carousel to zoological garden and water park facility, Gage Park is a perfect fun destination for kids of all ages. If you are counting upon the reasons to add this one to your Top 5 Parks & Playgrounds list in Topeka, here are some of the best things to explore in it:

  1. The mini train takes kids and adults to a whole park tour
  2. Kids can avail a chance to see tigers, lions, bears, and many other animals at the Topeka zoo and conservation center
  3. The Blaisdell Family Aquatic Center offers a wide and fairly deep swimming pool for kids to have a cool dip in scorching heat. There are slides, fun floatables, sprays, and many other attractions within the pool.
  4. Kansas Children’s Discovery Center brings some coolest yet interactive activities for children nourishing both their mind and body wellness.
  5. The traditional carousel is a fun ride for children while the parents can be well seated at green spaces all over the park
  6. Last but not least, who can let go of the chance to explore large animal figures at the animaland after all, walking into the whales belly is a lifetime experience for everyone!

Gage Park –> 635 SW Gage Blvd, Topeka, KS 66606

Betty Phillips Park, one of the Top 5 Parks And Playgrounds in Topeka

Betty Philips Park

Next we have is the Betty Phillips Park that is built on whole-sole tropical theme. It would not be unfair to say that this is not just an evening destination to take your kids out for some slides and swings, but the entertainment opportunities are ample to make it a full-day picnic spot. There are many recreational sports activities practiced within the park. It is a perfect family fun destination to be best explained under palm trees, volcano, and metal climbers. To mark it as the second best on your list, here are the best attractions you can enjoy;

  1. The picnic shelter is a covered space with tables for families planning to have a picnic there
  2. There are ample outdoor play structures including slides, climbing bars, tunnels, marry-go-rounds, and swings for children aged above 6 years old
  3. Toddlers can indulge in ground level activities and playing structures including small money tunnel and volcano cave.
  4. Two basketball courts are perfect for children and adults who are more into sports.

Betty Philips Park –> 3303 SE Irvingham St, Topeka, KS 66605

Crestview Park, one of the Top 5 Parks And Playgrounds in Topeka

Crestview Park

If you are looking for more of a peaceful yet entertaining picnic spot, Crestview Park is what can bring you a whole lot of activities and fun at one place. It is a traditional family park that has a wide range of entertainment options for the visitors of all ages. From separate play areas for kids to tennis court and peaceful walking trails, it has a lot more activities that are as follows;

  1. There are two separate play areas for kids with outdoor play structures suitable for toddlers and older kids.
  2. There is a football pitch where children and teenagers can play football
  3. Fountains, Statues, and monuments around the park are appealing to many visitors
  4. Children and adults can enjoy the bike riding facility at the park
  5. Tennis court is a fun activity for adults visiting the park
  6. For people looking out to have some peaceful time walking and jogging daily, there are quite and calm spots at the park to be enjoyed for a peaceful walk

Crestview Park –> 4801 SW Shunga Dr Topeka, KS 66614

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Brookfield Park, one of the Top 5 Parks And Playgrounds in Topeka

Brookfield Park

If you’re specifically looking out for a park in Topeka that is best for toddlers by all means, Brookfield Park is a must-go. Impact with a bunch of interesting options for adults, the play structure is highly recommended for toddlers. Read on the activities below to add it to your list of the Top 5 Parks & Playgrounds in Topeka;

  1. There are ramp level playing structures to help toddlers with small steps climb over them and enjoy
  2. Small explorers/toddlers can have a good time playing in wooded creek area
  3. Parents and other adults visiting the place can enjoy playing playing in the basketball and tennis court
  4. There are covered patio tables perfect for picnics

Brookfield Park –> 2416 SW Golfview Dr

Lake Shawnee

Last but not least, known as the best tourist destination in Topeka, Kansas, Lake Shawnee is one hell of a unique park for kids and adults. Offering whole heck of attractive activities like boating, fishing, camping, and biking, Lake Shawnee will never disappoint you when it comes to fun. Read on to know what the most famous attractions at this park are;

  1. Children can have the bets experience of paddling boat
  2. Adults can enjoy fishing there followed by family picnics
  3. There are several water activities for older kids, teenagers, and adults
  4. There is a tennis and volleyball court for adults to have some time playing recreational sports
  5. There is also a golf course
  6. The park is open to camping all year round and it dotted with trees and flowers all around the space.

Lake Shawnee –> 5937 SW 29th ST

All in all

All in alll, Topeka has ample options when it come to adding the top 5 parks and playgrounds to your go-to list. So, if you are living there or visiting it as a tourist, make sure that you visit the above listed playgrounds and parks to bring out utmost waves of joy and laughter for both, you and your kids.

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