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Home Staging In Topeka

There’s no one way to sell a home in Topeka. Some people will choose to sell their home while they... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Do these 5 things if you want to sell your house in Topeka

There are throngs of homebuyers and not enough homes on the market for them to buy. Like last year, 2020... Read More

Greg Armbruster

A Beacon of Light Still Shines in the Darkness

TRM Ministries The Topeka Rescue Mission (TRM Ministries) has been a light in the Topeka community since the early 1950’s.... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Negotiation: There’s more than the price of the home to consider

Naturally, the price of a home is top-of-mind when we talk about negotiating in a real estate deal. And, for... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Tips on Setting the Scene for Your Retirement

Author: Harry Cline of “In less than 20 years, a third of U.S. households will be led by an... Read More

Greg Armbruster

Are you ready to stop renting in Topeka and become a homeowner?

It’s a fact that Topeka homeowners are wealthier than those who rent homes. In fact, the average net worth of... Read More

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