Collins Park Subdivision Homes For Sale

Collins Park Subdivision Homes For Sale

Welcome to the Collins Park Subdivision in Topeka KS! Are you thinking about moving into the neighborhood? This page is full of things our team thinks you should know about Collins Park. Do you already have your heart set on moving into the neighborhood? Scroll on down and start your search and see if there are homes for sale in the neighborhood! If there currently aren’t any homes for sale in Collins Park, contact us! We can set you up on a list to be notified as soon as one comes on the market!

Homes For Sale in the Collins Park Subdivision

Collins Park Overview

Collins Park is a family park located in the College Hill neighborhood. This park is a perfect family picnic and day-out location with multiple activities. There is a kid’s playground with swings, slides, and monkey bars. There is also a covered picnic area where families can enjoy a picnic and grill some food on outdoor stoves. Moreover, there is also a basketball court and ample benches placed all around the park under big trees so that you can sit under shades and watch your kids playing around. On Independence Day, the parks held a famous parade every year.

Attractions In Collins Park

Museum's, Entertainment, Food

Josey Bakery & Co.

If you are wandering out for some super moist sponge cakes and creamy pastries, go nowhere than the Josey Bakery & Co. However, not only this but if it’s the cinnamon roll you are swirling your nose after, again, Josey Bakery & Co. is the solution.

The bakery has an authentic ancient vibe with some amazing bakers baking heavenly delicious cinnamon rolls with the balanced combo of flour, butter, and of course, CINNAMON. Tops picks are Kolaches, pies, croissants, cakes, and cookies. The fall season brings special pumpkin cinnamon rolls topped with rich and creamy cream cheese.

Mulvane Art Museum

Mulvane art museum is the best place to take your kids for a creative tour in Park Collins neighborhood. Call it a museum or an art lab for children, the place exhibits different forms of art. However, the creativity level of the place is really high and impressive to hold many eyes with amazement. It is basically a university museum run by local artists and hosts an art lab and art classes for children. The basement is quite exploring for children, with one area occupied by large blocks, Lego, and reading and the other occupied by different mediums of art and craft. If you are planning to take your kids on a fun trip that can prove to be intellectual for them instead of just fun, Mulvane Art Museum is the place!

The Art Lab is free for the public on Tuesdays from 4:00 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Last call Lounge

Last Call Lounge is a small yet friendliest little lounge to reunite with veteran friends and have some on the table while eating out the most delicious food. The place is all about supporting the veteran community. The vibe is extremely friendly, with bands rocking the floor and visitors cheering them to infinity while savoring their taste buds on everyday specials.  Overall the food is tasty and cooked to perfection. Taco Tuesday is loveable by many visitors.

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