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Topeka Homes For Sale | 300k - 400k

Cost Of Homes In Topeka

What sets Topeka apart when comparing it to other cities is the cost of homes. Topeka’s Median Home Cost is $112,000 while Kansas City’s is $135,100 and Lawrence’s is $190,800. Topeka is the perfect place to buy your first home and if you’re looking to do just that, you should check out our FREE Guide to Buying a Home In Topeka. We love to help people buy/sell a Topeka homes!

Location Perks

If you live anywhere long enough you’ll hear people complain that there’s “nothing to do” or that their city is “boring.” I personally have never thought that about Topeka, but there might be some who do. So what do I mean by location perks? Well if you are moving to Topeka, you get the best of both worlds. Kansas City, Manhattan, and Lawrence are all just a short drive away and you can reap all the benefits of those cities while not having to live there. Because of how close you are, driving up to catch a college basketball game in Lawrence or watch a concert in Kansas City is always an option. You can do everything the city offers without having to deal with the traffic, crowding, cost of living, etc.. if you were living there instead. This is something that many people who live in Topeka take for granted.

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