Guide To Helping You Make That Move To A Senior Living Community In Topeka

Justin Armbruster
Published on August 2, 2019

Guide To Helping You Make That Move To A Senior Living Community In Topeka

Should You Make A Move To A Senior Living Community?

Making the move to a Senior Living Community involves some major decisions and changes.  Some of those include:

  1.  Possibly increasing your monthly expenses
  2. A change in life style
  3. Making new friends
  4. Possibly selling your house that you’ve lived in for years
  5. Selling or disposing of some of your stuff

A few things to think about when starting this process: Remember it’s YOUR decision but getting feedback from family and friends might be helpful. Make a budget and ask for advice from a trusted financial advisor.  If you don’t have a financial advisor, ask others who they use.  You’ll want someone with experience helping retirees.

 Here’s some things to think about when making a budget:

  1. Your monthly budget will need to carry you through independent living and into full health care if you need it.
  2. Will your children be able to help with finances if needed?
  3. Will you qualify for Medicaid assistance?  If so, find out when you need to start this process
  4. Contact a Realtor to help you determine how much equity you have in your house and what repairs might be needed before selling.
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Look For A Senior Living Facility

The first thing you need to do is write down every independent living community, assisted living facility and nursing home in your area and break them down in those 3 categories. Then determine what category best fits your situation.

If you choose independent living you might consider a senior living community that has at least two of these categories. That makes it easy to change categories and transition to the next level of care. Here is a list of communities in Topeka that have two or more levels of care.

Then make a list of priorities that you want in your new independent living community, assisted living facility or nursing home.

  • Check to see if pets are allowed
  • What kinds of activities are scheduled
  • If there are exercise facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym or walking path.
  • Is transportation included in the monthly costs?
  • Does the housekeeping services include laundry services?
  • Are guest accommodations available for out of town guests?
  • Is there a month to month lease?  What are the termination terms?
  • What is the policy for cable, utilities and pictures on the walls?

Other things to consider:

  • Make sure the furniture you have selected for your new place will fit.
  • If you have a walker or a wheelchair, check to see if these are allowed to be parked in the hallways and/or will fit into your new living areas.
  • If you need safety rails, make sure these are in the apartment or can be added without additional expense.
  • Check to see if the new place has a safety call system or a daily check in system.

As you research your options: retirement communities or independent/assisted living facilities, think about:

  • Taking a tour of the places that interest you
  • Try to talk with the residents when you visit
  • Eat lunch or dinner at the facility to determine if you like the food choices
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Prepare To Move

  1. Check into cost of renter’s insurance if you have valuables that you want insured.
  2.  Measure each room.  Make or ask for a diagram of each room so you know where windows and doors are located.
  3. Square foot:  Compare the square foot of the potential living space to the square foot of living space where you are currently living.
  4. Start cleaning out closets, basements, garages and other storage areas.  Make three piles:
  • Throw away pile
  • Keep pile – Heirlooms*
  • Give to Kids or to the goodwill

*Put names of each child that wants a special piece.  Remember to keep  decorative items for the new place OR budget for new pieces.

5)  Depending on how much stuff you have you might consider having a tag sale.  People who specialize in tag sales can help you determine this.

After Moving In

Once you move into your new place whether it is a retirement community, independent or assisted living facility or a nursing home, make sure you get involved in the activities that are offered.  Plan to spend at least part of the day with others in your new place.

Most places have a daily routine of certain activities.  Prior to moving in, find out what these activities are so you can decide if this new place is where you want to live.  These activities might include an exercise class or physical therapy every day.  Some places have a coffee club that meets every morning. 

If possible, stay involved with any activities that you were involved in prior to moving to your new place.  You might even volunteer to host the next card party or Bible study at your new place.  If your apartment isn’t big enough to accommodate all of your friends, reserve the activity room.  Most places have a room for their residents to use for this purpose.

THROW A WELCOME PARTY…for yourself.  Reserve a room and invite the residents to come and meet you.  Have some mementos sitting around the room or on tables so that others get to know you.

REALIZE… it will take time to adapt to a new life style.  One of the most important things to remember…DON’T ISOLATE YOURSELF!!

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