Think Outside the BOX for Your Next Client Gift

Justin Armbruster
Published on May 22, 2020

Think Outside the BOX for Your Next Client Gift

If you are like many Realtors, you struggle to find a great gift to give to clients – settling on things like gift cards, wine, or house warming plants. While we are sure your clients do appreciate your gifts, what if you could give them something that could really create a WOW moment? What if you could give them something they would continue using 10 years down the road? Our team struggled to find a great closing gift until a couple years ago when we discovered BizBoxes.

BizBoxes are fully customizable moving boxes that act as walking billboards for your real estate business. They can showcase your name, logo, photo, or anything else you like! Every package also comes with common moving supplies. Our team thinks they are the perfect closing gift because they benefit both the client and agent in several ways.

Benefits to the Agent

1. Marketing

BizBoxes are fully customizable, meaning you can design your box however you’d like, so these mini-billboards are an easy way to market your real estate business to friends and family on moving day.

Typically, we send a package to our buyers either shortly before closing day, or for our sellers, we send them right when we get the listing as a way to help clients de-clutter their home. Either way friends and family of our clients will be handling boxes with our information on it, and these boxes have the potential to turn strangers into prospective clients. Plus they make it possible for you to be remembered on moving day, even when you can’t be there in person.

Additionally, we take a few boxes to our listing appointments. So prospects get an idea of our great service and we separate ourselves from other agents.

2. Keeps Clients

Something else that sets this gift apart is these boxes will be used by your clients for years to come. Since these are nice new boxes not only are they perfect for moving, but clients keep them for storing and decluttering. Or better yet, maybe they’ll give them to a friend! The point is, unlike gift cards, these boxes last for years and you’ll never know who might see your box.

3. It’s Convenient

Another plus when ordering BizBoxes is that it’s super easy. You don’t have to handle or store any boxes as you can select increments of 5 to 30 BizBoxes and have them delivered directly to your client. And they are affordable for any price point ranging from $50 to $100. Once your artwork is setup they arrive within a few days, and all you have to do is sit back and wait for your client to thank you!

Benefits To The Client

What makes BizBoxes so great for the clients is that they all need them. There’s no getting around it. All of your clients buying or selling a home could use boxes to help them move. What makes your gift even better is whether they know they need boxes or not, they are surprised when your BizBoxes arrive on their front door! BizBoxes are a really practical gift that create a WOW moment for your client.

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